Inflatable Roller Launch of Oil Sands Barge

Posted Aug 1, 2012

500-ton barge launched on thin air?

The benefits were significant and the risks were virtually eliminated during the launch of the 500-ton barge in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

In partnership with Louisiana-based, Center-Lift, who specialize in heavy-lift projects, and using their safe, flexible, time-saving, and economical, pneumatic heavy-lift, launching system, Allswater, whose responsibility included development of all launching plans, complete with all engineering certifications, worked together to successfully executed the first known inflatable roller launch process in the Alberta Oil Sands.

The process, under full risk assessment, featured full control of the barge’s launch speed, thereby eliminating the potential for H&S incidents.  In addition, the controlled-launch process was reversible, had zero environmental impact, and eliminated the potential for damage to the coatings that would otherwise be impossible to prevent and costly to repair.