The World’s Most Advanced Shellfish Harvester : The Belle Carnell

Posted Jul 27, 2015

The Belle Carnell arrived in Canada after completing a successful delivery from Santander Spain. The “Belle” is being called the World’s Most Advanced Shellfish Harvester.  

The vessel has undergone an extensive and innovative transformation from a platform supply vessel at Astander Shipyard. The Allswater design crew in Canada and Spain have been working closely with Clearwater Seafoods since the birth of the concept, seeing the design and construction through to completion.

The vessel has been built with many innovations that will affect the overall operation and efficiency of the vessel. These include modernized hydraulic, electrical and winch systems, factory and fishing arrangements which will greatly minimize losses, and propulsion systems upgrades to improve fuel consumption – to only name a few.

A video of its construction and delivery to Canada can be seen at:

Definitely a great project that we are proud to be part of. #shipsarecool