Hebron Project – Drilling Drains Treatment Package


Encanex Environmental approached Allswater for a Drilling Drains Treatment Package for the offshore Hebron Project in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Project scope included: engineering oversight and DNV approved structural, piping and mechanical design; integration of electrical and instrumentation design; and full-system integration. Working hand-in-hand with Encanex – already a repeat customer – every step of the way, we delivered an engineering package we’re proud of.


The Drilling Drains Treatment Package required four skid sets; two feed-pump skids transferring hazardous drainage from a collection tank on the cellar deck, and two in-line skid sets several decks above, where the separation processes take place, with treated water either discharging or diverting to a holding tank skid.

Encanex approached Allswater because of our demonstrated expertise in the Oil and Gas sector, having completed many projects for operating fields in NL and Nova Scotia (NS), and as well, Alberta. Our Professional Engineers licensed in the province of NL offered engineering overview and certification of design critical documents.


This project presented many engineering challenges, all met by Allswater’s multi-disciplined team of project managers, engineers, and technologists.

Designed to withstand significant shock and seismic loads, structural design of the skids kept our Finite Element Analysis experts fully engaged.

Complexity of Package equipment, and integration of piping, electrical and instrumentation systems into structural bases made envisioning the end product challenging. Using the latest in 3D modeling software, the Allswater team brought the skids to life, allowing full review from the earliest design stages, to fabrication.


Our 3D modeling software proved invaluable, catching and correcting interferences early, and ensuring purchased equipment and components would fit, prior to purchase. The 3D models provided a platform that allowed all project team members, technical or otherwise, an opportunity to watch the models mature from initial concept to final design.

Feedback from DNV on a structural report is indicative of our “all-in” approach to quality at Allswater.

“The quality of structural steel calculations reports submitted were of the top quality. I was very impressed with the quality and type of responses we got for open comments.” – Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.) Inc.

Allswater was honoured to take part in this project just off our shores, where the Drilling Drains Treatment Package will operate in the harshest of marine environments for the next 30 years. An estimated 700 million barrel legacy we are thrilled to be a part of.