AIRA Instream Energy Platform


With the world’s demand for clean, renewable energy at an all-time high, Allswater and XTidal are proud to introduce you to Aira. This instream energy platform is named after the powerful waterfall, Aira Force, which flows into Ullswater Lake, Allswater’s namesake, in the UK’s Lake District.

Inspired by the need for small-scale solutions for the tidal energy industry, Allswater harnessed its innovative engineering expertise and creativity to design Aira for XTidal. Aira focuses on simplicity and maintainability, using input from industry experts, developers and turbine suppliers.


The third generation of the XTidal platform, Aira is the culmination of years of research, experience and close partnerships with industry experts.

With a capacity of up to 450 kW, Aira is designed for use in both remote and community sites, providing a smart workable solution to help power villages, resorts, remote industries and more. Wherever there’s flowing water deep enough for its turbines, Aira can be there to generate power. Its potential applications are huge.

Allswater’s design also allows for safe servicing of Aira’s three turbines by raising them to the surface. The turbines can be serviced individually while others continue to operate, providing accessibility that fixed-base platforms cannot. Furthermore, Aira employs a SWATH-style hull design to minimize wave-induced motions and increase stability, and offers both a simple four-point mooring system or a single point mooring system for use with mono-directional turbines.

Aira can be further customized to meet the specific needs of its environment and clients – no matter where in the world they are!

Additional Features:

  • Modular construction allows for easy relocation.
  • Containerized internal electrical systems.
  • Configurable for different turbines.
  • SWATH-style hull design maximizes turbine efficiency.
  • Remote monitoring and operating capabilities allow for year-round unmanned operation.