Mobilization of Jackup Rig for Drilling Program


Allswater jumped at the opportunity to assist the Encana Corporation with their Deep Panuke natural gas project. Encana required Allswater’s comprehensive engineering and efficient project management services for the mobilization of the drilling program’s jackup rig, the Rowan Gorilla III.


  • Allswater was tasked with providing cost-effective engineering solutions for equipment installation and rig upgrades.
  • The fabrication team had to be selected, approved and contracted quickly in order to meet demanding project deadlines.
  • To maintain the project’s budget, all work aboard the rig had to be planned and scheduled to minimize Encana’s on-hire time.
  • All work and engineering solutions required approval by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).


Never one to shy away from a challenge, Allswater didn’t let the cost and on-hire time limits limit us. If anything, these were driving factors to find efficiencies wherever possible. Allswater’s turnkey solution involved the provision of a diverse team of skilled specialists – project managers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and finite element analysis specialists. Our all encompassing approach covered everything from engineering and managing approvals, to contracting a fabricator and providing 24-hour project management.


By taking an all in, turnkey approach, Allswater ensured that the skilled resources were on hand to react to issues and offer smart solutions that kept the mobilization on time and on budget. As a result, Encana retained Allswater beyond completion of the jackup rig mobilization to assist with finalizing that phase of their project.