Capesante – Conversion and Lengthening


Allswater was asked to assess and improve a scallop-harvesting fleet with a new build or converted vessel. The vessel would operate at the southern tip of Argentina, an area known to be secluded, far from service centers, and having some of the harshest maritime climates.


  • Meet stringent financial considerations
  • Increase overall efficiency of scallop production
  • Reduce maintenance costs compared to existing vessel
  • Provide increased comfort for the crew
  • Provide a unique and large factory processing area


Allswater strategically researched several options including new builds and purchasing an existing vessel to convert. But things got really exciting when Allswater offered a bold, “out of the box” conversion concept to re-purpose a small redundant vessel owned by the client.

Although the vessel was was less than 10 years old, it was difficult for the client to sell due to its size and configuration. The vessel was far too small to meet the factory area, electrical requirements or fuel carrying capacity for the upgraded scallop vessel. It would require an extensive and innovative conversion.

Allswater’s concept eliminated the resale of the vessel and renewed its life with a drastic lengthening, a new factory processing area, added accommodations and a complete revamping of electrical systems. After concept review, the client asked Allswater to complete a project plan, design package, manage class approvals and assist in the Shipyard selection to undertake the work.


Allswater evaluated shipyard proposals and recommended that the work be completed in Astander Astilleros, Spain. Allswater further assisted the client with project management, document control and continued engineering support throughout the conversion.

The lengthening of the vessel and modernization was completed after 11 months in the shipyard. The vessel left for its transit to Argentina in October 2014 as the Capesante. #shipsarecool