CSS Chemul – Upgrade and Rebuild


During Hurricane Katrina, the offshore construction and accommodation rig CSS Chemul became wedged under a bridge in Alabama while undergoing repair work at a nearby shipyard. Five years later, the CSS Chemul was transported to Halifax Shipyard, where Allswater’s engineering know-how played a key role in the upgrade and rebuild of the rig.


The rig needed a comprehensive overhaul and rebuild, which required out-of-the-box thinking and close collaboration between engineers, project managers, fabricators, and the shipyard. All work had to meet the tight construction schedule and demanding operational requirements of PEMEX (Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company).


A job of this magnitude required nothing less than Allswater’s All In approach. At the request of Halifax Shipyard, Allswater’s team of engineers assisted in the upgrade of the rig’s structural components, accommodation areas, electrical systems and lifesaving equipment, as well as conducting the inclining test. Allswater’s commitment to the project extended to providing an onsite team in addition to in-house engineers. This mix of engineering depth combined with onsite experience led to creative, practical, and cost-effective repair solutions.


The first phase of the overhaul and rebuild project was completed successfully by the shipyard. Allswater was retained – along with the shipyard – to complete additional work on the rig. Once completed, CSS Chemul returned to operation after more than six years of post-Katrina repair work.